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306 - 1585 Markham Road, Scarborough, ON, M1B 2W1

Tel: 416-963-2444

Fax: 416-963-3444



Our Business Immigration Services include:

  1. Business Immigration Program (Investor, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed)

  2. New Start-Up Visa with Immigration

  3. Provincial Nomination Program with Business Immigration (Entrepreneur Category)

  4. Business Visas

  5. Business Exploratory Visit Visa

  6. Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

  7. Accelerated Market Opinion A-LMO)

  8. Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

  9. Work permit

  10. Application for Interim work permits to fill the Gap (Between two jobs)

  11. Application for urgent work permit

  12. Application for Emergency work Permit (worker who is travelling urgently due to death in the family or serious illness

  13. Arranged Employment Opinion (for Permanent Resident application within Canada and outside Canada (AEO)

  14. To help get a Certificate of Qualification (COQ) from designated authority to apply Permanent Residency within Canada

  15. Self Employed

  16. Start up visa program


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